icon About Foodio

  • Restaurants Come First.

    Your restaurant is the most important part of the online ordering experience. We're just here to help.
  • Dedication to Service.

    We improve our product constantly in response to your feedback.
  • Keeping Customers Happy.

    We keep customers coming back with easy-to use and social features like credit card splitting for group orders.

What does Foodio bring to the table?

  • Branding

    The look and feel of your website and mobile apps are customized to match the atmosphere of your restaurant. Your customers go to your app, not some third party provider's. Your logo belongs on the top, not ours.

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  • Philosophy

    The Foodio team works tirelessly to improve our product and meet the individual needs of every restaurant we work with. We regularly add features and implement changes requested in feedback from individual partner restaurants. Foodio is more than online ordering: it's the IT team who'll take everything off your plate.

  • Your Money in Your Account

    We'll never hold your money for days or weeks before transferring it to your bank. Every order you receive is credited directly to your merchant account by our secure PCI DSS compliant gateway.

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