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Online ordering built for web & mobile

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    Each app bears your logo and is designed to match your existing branding and the atmosphere of your restaurant.
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    Mobile Apps

    Get your restaurant's very own mobile apps for Android and iPhone. Support every other smartphone with a mobile optimized website.
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    Direct Deposit

    Orders placed and paid online are deposited directly into your account. Don't wait weeks to get paid for your online orders.

What makes Foodio so awesome?

  • Your Restaurant's Brand

    Your restaurant's brand is at the center of each website and mobile app, not ours. We'll place online ordering right on your existing website, and mobile apps get published under your name.

    Every Foodio product is custom-tailored to reflect the style of your restaurant, to your exact specifications. Whether you're a micro-manager or the big-picture type, we'll design everything from color scheme to font just for you.

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    Custom Website & Mobile Apps

    Engage your customers no matter where they are! With Foodio, receive orders from both your website and your mobile apps on iPhone and Android— each customized with your logo and brand.

    Foodio apps offer features you won't find anywhere else. Customers can quickly and easily re-order past meals, pay in-app, and split the bill with friends.

    That means your customers can check out your menu and place an order anytime, anywhere. More convenience, more orders, more money in your pocket.

  • Secure Deposits Directly to You

    When customers place orders through your Foodio apps, the money is deposited directly from our secure credit card gateway, Braintree, to your bank account. Why should getting paid for online orders be any different from an order in your own restaurant? With Foodio, you'll never need to wait a week or more to get paid.

    Our credit card processing is fully secure and PCI compliant. Braintree, our partner gateway, is well-established and reputable: it's trusted by top companies including OpenTable, LivingSocial, and Uber. We encrypt, store and process credit card information only through Braintree's servers, keeping your devoted customers' credit card information safe and sound.

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    Never Miss an Incoming Order

    We take every measure to ensure that no order goes unfulfilled.

    We check every minute of every day to see if any of your orders have gone unnoticed. If we see an order unaccounted for, or your POS or fax go out of commission, we'll immediately send an automated call to make sure you get the order details.

    We guarantee this: in the case of any error on our part, we'll cover the damages. Our goal is to keep you and your customers happy.

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What else does Foodio bring to the table?

  • icon Customized Apps
    Foodio customizes each app with your logos and designs, keeping your online ordering consistent with your restaurant's brand.
  • icon Credit Card Splitting
    Your customers can split the cost of the bill using multiple credit cards, with no expense or effort on your part. This increases average order size.
  • iconQuick Payment
    We deposit your money directly into your merchant account when credit cards are processed. No need to wait a week or more.
  • iconEasy Installation
    The Foodio team takes care of the entire installation, integrating Foodio into your point of sale system or setting up payment through fax or email.
  • iconSecure
    Foodio is fully secure & PCI compliant, keeping your transactions safe and secure. We never store or process credit card information ourselves.
  • icon Easy to Update
    Need to add a new pizza topping to your menu? Foodio apps provide a simple online solution that allows you to update your menu whenever you want. We also support unique menus for each daypart.
  • icon Order Confirmations
    We monitor orders every minute of every day to prevent orders from going unfulfilled. We will call you if we detect an order went unnoticed, or if your POS or fax goes down for any reason.
  • icon Customer Profiles
    You get a monthly report of how many orders you received, and what's being ordered. We'll help you leverage customer data through re-marketing and analytics.